View All Facebook Pokes Sent | Pokes Received By Me

View All Facebook Pokes Sent | Pokes Received By Me: Facebook’s Poke function allows individuals to get the attention of others in their own unique way. Initially poking someone on Facebook was considered a form of harmless flirting, and an expression of interest. They could respond, they may not.
However, as Facebook expanded, the poking feature became a lot more obsolete than useful. Today we can’t say precisely what sort of social status poking somebody holds these days, we could justify that the poking feature has been exiled to the world of Facebook apps, which lots of people rarely check.

View All Facebook Pokes Sent | Pokes Received By Me

There are Two Ways to See Your Pokes

If you intend to view your Facebook Pokes, the First option is to
  • Open the Facebook app, and also
  • Go to the bottom of the screen
  • Click the “Even more” button.
  • Then, on the  “Application” switch, Click once more.
  • Once discovered, Click the Pokes app
  • You will see Poked you just recently sent


The Second method 

  • Go to the search bar at the top of your Facebook application
  • Key in “Pokes.”
  • This should open the application itself, which will certainly offer you the same choices as the method explained above.
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