[SOLVED] Can I unblock a blocked Facebook User? How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Using Desktop Computer

Can I unblock a blocked Facebook User? Did you block someone on Facebook and want to unblock the person but don’t know the steps involved in unblocking on Facebook?

This post is all about how to unblock somebody on Facebook.

So if you want to unblock a Facebook user, this article got you covered. In this post, you’ll see the complete steps you need to follow to easily unblock blocked Facebook friends. Continue reading below:

Can I unblock a blocked Facebook User?: Unblocking and blocking someone on Facebook are interesting Facebook features that allows you to stop someone from bothering you on Facebook and as well unblock them whenever you feel like.

If you are using Facebook Android app to access Facebook, the option to unblock someone is also there for users.

If you want to know whether you can unblock someone on Facebook, then the answer is a capital yes but how do you block someone on Facebook?

This Facebook guide will help you!!!

When you unblock someone, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public. The person won’t automatically become your friend on Facebook.

If you want to become friends with a person who you’ve unblocked, you’ll need to send them a friend request.

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Android App

[SOLVED] Can I unblock a blocked Facebook User?

To unblock someone using Android App:
1. Tap on this icon  [SOLVED] Can I unblock a blocked Facebook User?

2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Account Settings > Blocking

3. To unblock someone, tap Unblock next to their name.

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Using Desktop Computer
To Unblock someone on your personal computer, do the following:

1. Login Facebook

2. Click 🔻 at the top right corner of your Facebook page

3. Click Settings from the drop-down menu

4. Click Blocking at the left column of the next page that appears

5. Scroll down to the block user’s section of the page and then locate the person you want to unblock from the blocked list. Once you locate the person’s name, click unblock at the far right of the page and the person will be removed from the list ASAP.

However,, you’ll need to bear in mind that in order to reconnect with the persons you’ve unblocked from Facebook, you’ll have to send them a friend request and wait for them to accept it. Once they accept it, you can then be able to chat and interact with them as usual.

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