How to Recover my FB Account | Recover Facebook Account Without Email Or Password

How to Recover my FB Account | Recover Facebook Account Without Email Or Password

Did you know it’s possible to recover your Facebook account without your email address or login password? Sounds absurd right? Well, I’ll have you know that it’s absolutely possible. Keep reading to find out how as I unfold how to recover Facebook account without email or password.

Lots of Facebook users have no idea that they may be able to regain access to their Facebook account by using an alternative email or mobile phone number listed on their account. They also do not know they could get help from friends if they forget their password.

It is important that I mention that these options are only available if you set them up in your account when you still had access to it.

Recovering Your Facebook Account – Without Email And Password

Follow the steps below;

  • Go to
  • Click Forgot account? on the top right.

If your account is not listed here, fill out the form to identify your account.

  • Choose a contact method listed on your account to have a password reset link sent to you.
  • If you can’t access your emails or mobile phone number, click No Longer Have Access to These?

If you’ve previously set up these options, follow the instructions provided to answer your security question or get help from friends, if you see these options, or contact your email service provider.

In any case where your account has been hacked and you still remember your account login password, you can easily sort this out by resetting your Facebook password. This will lock the hacker out.

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