How to Post A GIF on Facebook Mobile – How to Use Facebook GIFs

Are you confused with the word “how to post a GIF on Facebook mobile?” In these articles, you will know how to post a GIF on Facebook mobile. GIFs are moving emojis or short videos on Facebook. and you can download them from the internet and use them on your mobile Facebook app. visit these links to download GIFs from the internet.

How to Post A GIF on Facebook Mobile - How to Use Facebook GIFs

To post a GIF on your Facebook mobile app, you just have to start a conversation with someone and click on the GIFs icon close to the text box. And choose a GIF and click send. You can also post GIFs on comments or posts. GIFs can be used on Facebook messenger too. Before you can post GIFs on Facebook mobile you have to download the Facebook mobile app and sign up or log in your Facebook account first.

How to Download Facebook App

Follow the below steps to download the Facebook app on your mobile.

  • Go to your play store on your android phone and click on the search bar.
  • And type in Facebook right inside the search box.
  • Click on the “F” symbol and click the install or download button.

You can download the Facebook app to your mobile phone with the steps above. And after downloading the app, you have to sign up or in with an account. to sign up apply the steps below;

How to Sign Up On Facebook

Follow the steps below to sign up on Facebook;

  • Open the Facebook mobile app after downloading it.
  • And enter your first and last names, then click next.
  • You will be taken to a new page where you have to enter your mobile number. type in your number and click next.
  • Then you date of birth and sex type {male or female}.
  • And click next again.
  • To proceed, enter your email address and type in a new password to keep your account secure from people.
  • And click next.

A verification or confirmation code will be sent by Facebook to your message inbox. Open the messaging app and access your message inbox. Then copy the code and paste it to the code box and click verify. You can also login to your Facebook account if you already have an account with Facebook. Follow the guidelines to login; enter your account details after opening your Facebook mobile app and click on login. if an error occurs in terms of logging into your Facebook account you just have to check if your account details are correct.

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