How can I see who blocked me on Facebook | Can I see who blocked me on Facebook

Can I See Who Blocked Me On Facebook | By blocking people on Facebook, you keep control over who can see your Facebook posts or send you messages. If you’re not sure who you have actually obstructed, you can get a total list by accessing your Facebook privacy settings. You can see who you have actually blocked completely and which of your friends you have actually partly obstructed from specific things such as sending out invites or seeing personal posts.

Can I See Who Blocked Me On Facebook

1. Click the gear-shaped icon on your Facebook toolbar and choose “Privacy Settings.”

2. Click “Stopping” in the sidebar to display numerous kinds of block lists. The “Block Users” section displays the individuals you’ve blocked completely– they cannot send out good friend demands, see your Timeline or send messages.

The “Block App Invites” area lists good friends who cannot send you requests to join games and other apps, while the “Block Occasion Welcomes” lists buddies who can’t invite you to occasions. The “Block Apps” section shows apps you’ve obstructed.

3. Click “Edit List” in the “Limited List “section to see a list of friends you’ve restricted. These good friends can only see info on your Timeline that you make public. They remain on your good friends list, but they are obstructed from seeing any updates or images that have a friends-only personal privacy setting.


To remove somebody from a block list, click the “Undo” link next to her name and click “Confirm.” To get rid of somebody from the restricted list, click the “X” on his profile image while viewing the list.

To include a person to a block list, type her name or email address in the suitable area. To include someone to the limited list, click the “On This List” button, change the setting to “Pals” and then click on the name of the good friend you desire to add to the limited list Can I See Who Blocked Me On Facebook

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