How to Create a Facebook Poll

Facebook Poll – How to Create a Facebook Poll

Facebook polls have been definitely so amazing these past few years. You can make polls with Facebook concerning any subject or topic that relates to your sector. So why don’t you begin flowing in the wave of creating polls on Facebook today? This feature is always open and available to users and pages.

Facebook Poll - How to Create a Facebook Poll

What is a Facebook poll? It is a public opinion platform in which all members and users of a particular group, or frequently chosen respondents from a population or group, are asked carefully designed questions to record and collect important information.

These polls are really a fun medium to ask a question at which other users have to select from a list of replies. These users have just had to tap on the answer of their choice and they will view how the voting progress of that answer has gone so far.

Benefits of Facebook Poll

These polls can really be of great benefit to you as they allow other users to respond and engage in fun conversations with each other. Now let us look at these benefits;

  • You can get feedback on your businesses’ products and services – this medium is absolutely useful for the development of your services and your products, but asking your customers and clients about their opinions about your services really shows that you do care about their decisions.
  • Asking for preferences such as ways of communication and interaction, to find out which way is most preferred by your clients and a customer out there and is worth investing your time in.
  • You can conduct a market research by making your followers or customers vote on new goods and services or ideas or make you aware of the features of a service most important to them.
  • These polls also serve as a medium for fun and entertainments. With polls you can generate insight and ideas; it is a form of informing and entertaining your followers, due to the interactive nature created by these polls.
  • Strengthens the connection and interaction between you and your followers.

How to Create a Facebook Poll

Follow these very easy steps and create polls at any time from your computer or mobile device.

  1. Log into your Facebook account, and go to the status update box.
  2. Tap on the status update box.
  3. Once this section is open, you will see a list of options given. Click on “poll”.
  4. Enter the question you want to ask and fill in the answers for the members to choose from.
  5. You will be given options on how you want to create the poll, choose the option you prefer. These options are;
  • With photos.
  • With Texts.
  • And also With GIFs.
  1. Add the text, photo or GIF.
  2. Click on “Post”.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy your Facebook poll as much as you want and flow in the wave of fun and entertainment. I know you will definitely love that!

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