How To Change Date Of Birth On Facebook

How To Change Date Of Birth On Facebook : Being the Administrator of your Facebook page, you can change whatever setting you wish to and have your Facebook account tailored to your specific preference. From enabling/disabling private messages to changing your date of birth, the procedures are fast and simple. Just stick with me and we will have your date of birth adjusted as you wish it!

1. At the top of your Facebook homepage you will find your name, click on it to gain access to your Facebook profile.

2. Now that you are in your profile, click the tab that states ‘about.’ This tab becomes part of a string of tabs to the right of your profile image.

3. Positioned on the left wing, are a list of clickable choices. Each choice opens an area to the right with options that you can contribute to your profile. Locate and click on ‘contact and standard information.’

4. As you scroll down the page, you will see a heading that states ‘fundamental info.’ Within which you will find the ‘date of birth.’ Option. Scroll on to locate the blue ‘modify’ button.

5. Click on the edit button to expand the area.

6. Click the black drop down arrows next to the month, day, and year to open a full list of alternatives. Make your choice for each one. After that you will be asked to examine a box to verify your age, then press ‘conserve modifications.’

You are only allowed to modify your birthday a specific number of times, so be careful not to make mistakes or experiment with this too many times.

7. Another option that is available to you, is to choose who can see your birthday on your profile– just you, just your buddies, or everybody. To the right of the birthday alternatives, you will see a padlock icon. Clicking it will reveal your choices. Click ‘conserve modifications.’ When you are done with your changes.

wonderful!! now you have been able to remove the tiny problem of changing your date of birth after creating aa Facebook account. glad to have been of help, later!!!

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