Meaning of Pokes on Facebook

Meaning of Pokes on Facebook: Facebook has an amazing Feature known as Poke, this is a feature that was the talk of the town in previous social media decades, where users poke each other, nut over the years there has been a considerable reduction in the use of this feature and recent survey attributed this to people’s negligence of the meaning of the Facebook term “Poke”. So in today’s poke we will discuss what it means to poke a user on Facebook.

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Meaning of a Poke on Facebook

It’s time to explain what this feature actually means, Facebook’s “poke” is a feature that allows users to get the attention of others with its unique method. Most of Facebook users precept this feature to mean a form of safe flirtation, while others consider it an expression of interest, something of a sign of request that are you available? I wish to connect with you as it is assumed that the individual you have poked will understand you have an interest when he/she gets the notification, well there’s absolutely nothing beyond people’s assumption as Poking Someone on Facebook is just a way of saying Hi! Are you there, Just wish to declare my interest in you, might be to chat for the moment, be friends, gist partners and any form of reasons behind your show of interest.

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While no one knows exactly the sort of social status or explanation behind poking somebody nowadays, the poke feature has been assumed as irritating than helpful, so with Facebook’s growth in popularity and user base, the poking function has been relegated to the world of Facebook apps.

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