How to Connect Instagram Button to Facebook Page

How to Connect Instagram Button to Facebook Page: Having a Facebook Page is far different from having a Facebook account. A Facebook page is home for business or brands and serves as a valuable tool used for marketing. Instagram on the other hand is a popular photo-sharing and video-sharing application, its users take photos and videos, apply digital filters to them, and then share them with other Instagram users for them to react to it.

Adding Instagram tab to your Facebook Page will increase the rate of popularity since both Instagram and Facebook are popular on their own, it also increase the Page’s reach.

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Below are the steps to take to add Instagram tab on your Facebook page;

  • Log in to your Facebook account which has the page you wish to add an Instagram tab.
  • Type in “Instagram” to the search bar.
  • Go to your Apps section, find Instagram option “Instagram Page App” and click the Use Now button.
  • From the revealed page, click the button that says Add to Your Facebook Page (Completely Free) to install the application.
  • Now select from your page lists the exact page you wish to add an Instagram tab.
  • Click Add Page Tab. You are taken to the Page.
  • Click the Configure Page Tab.
  • Enter your Instagram login details and follow the instructions to start up the app

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After installation, all videos and photos can be shared from Instagram directly into your Facebook page. Page visitors can share posts with their friends on Instagram so as to increase reach of your page.

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