How do i use a Temporary Profile Picture on Facebook

How do i use a Temporary Profile Picture on Facebook: It is now possible to set temporary Profile Pictures on Facebook to honor events or show support for causes. The Profile Photo set as temporary will expires after a validated time and then it automatically switches back to the original photo it replaced.

This is an awesome way to showcase a photo you’re in, a holiday or event photo that’s fun, or to show support for a cause such as when Facebook allowed users to overlay the rainbow flag on their pictures. Here’s how to set a temporary Profile Picture on Facebook.

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  1. Open the Facebook app. Tap More on the bottom of the screen. Then tap on your Profile, which will be your name.
  2. Tap your Profile Picture or Edit in the corner of your picture. Select Change Picture or Video. Find the picture in your Camera Roll you want to make your temporary Profile Picture. When you select the photo, you’ll see the words Make Temporary in the lower left corner. Select it.
  3. The options 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week, or Custom will pop up. Select the amount of time you’d like to have the picture. Then tap Use.

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And that’s all, isn’t it simple? Now that you’ve known how you can set a temporary photo as your profile photo on Facebook, it is time to return the favor, kindly share this article to all your friends so they also can learn how to use a temporary Facebook profile picture.

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