How Can I Hide My Friend On Facebook

How Can I Hide My Friend On Facebook: There should be limit to what people see on your Facebook page, this limit also includes your Facebook friends. You can hide your Facebook friends from those stalkers that are not your friends on Facebook but just wants to come steal your friends. So how do you hide it? 

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  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Go to your profile page
  • Then click on friend’s tab below the cover image beside the profile picture, then the list of your friends will pop up

  • Click on “edit” and then a box will pop up showing “those that should see your friends”
  • Choose from the list your preferred choice. To hide your friends from only the general public choose “only me”, to hide from only those who are not your friends chose “friends only” 

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I hoped this article has helped you gain knowledge on how to hide your Facebook friends from stalkers

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