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Find out Admin of Facebook Page: As soon as a Facebook page is created, there should be a profile attached to that account to access full features. There is a feature of Facebook pages that you can show number of admin on your page sidebar. But some pages don’t show their admin. In these situations where you can’t see the admin of a page and you wish to see them, what can be done? Well. Here is a trick that can be used to see find the admins of a Facebook page

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  • Go to your messages tab and click “Other” or “Other Messages” on the sidebar, here you will see updates from pages, look for the update from a page that you are looking to track admin.
  • Now open an update and go to this update from your mobile device (only facebook mobile site).
  • If you don’t use mobile device you can browse on your desktop browser too, replace ‘WWW’ with ‘M’ in address bar and hit Enter.
  • As soon as you reach that update by facebook mobile site you will see a profile link in subject line of update, click this link and you will land to profile that is attached to facebook page or say admin of that page.

Note that you can only apply this trick if page sent you an update ever in past. Pages that didn’t send you any update yet, you cannot see admin of those pages.

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I hope this was helpful to find out the admins of a Facebook page? Kindly share this with all your colleagues so they can find out too.

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